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Powe Partnership –
Landscape Architects & Colour Consultants

Powe Partnership provides Landscape Architecture services to its clients, combining creativity, pragmatism and economic viability to provide meaningful solutions for the present, and for the future. Our practice has been established since 1999.

Our practice is focused on the creation of realistic landscape solutions over a range of services, which include:

  • Open Space Planning, Design and Management
  • Plans of Management
  • Visual Assessment
  • Urban Design
  • Residential and Living Environments
  • Conservation and Natural Environment Management
  • Streetscape and Civic Design
  • Play Space Design
  • Interpretation and Signage Design
  • Commercial and Residential Projects
  • Community Consultation and Facilitation
  • Landscape Planning, Design, Documentation
  • Contract Administration, Construction Management
  • Colour Selection and Specification.

Powe Partnership has completed a range of  projects for:

  • State Government
  • Local Government
  • Residential clients in rural and urban areas.


At Powe Partnership our project philosophy is: To Create Better Environments for Living.
We see this as having the following benefits to our clients, and to the world in which we live:

  • Social benefits
  • Societal benefits
  • Spiritual benefits
  • Financial benefits
  • Quality of life benefits


Powe Partnership is a company which is concerned with the human experience. We believe that quality of life and quality of health are linked to the quality of environment. It is our goal to provide a service which maximises the environment in which people live.

Project Principles

Powe Partnership is focused on projects aimed at enabling high quality design in the Public and Private realm, affecting people’s daily lives and for the future. By employing in every project:

  • Sound planning principles
  • Sound design principles
  • Sound colour principles

Achievement of Principles

We achieve our project principles by:

  • Consideration of the client and end user
  • Clarity of purpose in the definition of the client’s brief
  • Defining achievable stages
  • Ensuring completion and check-off of each stage
  • Application of researched knowledge in problem solving
  • Seeking and applying supplementary knowledge where required
  • Being committed to the task at hand
  • Planning, scheduling and researching each project
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